PharmcareUSA currently operates 15 pharmacies that specialize in servicing the Long Term Care Industry. With locations in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida and Texas, we can service multiple bordering states. Each pharmacy partners with its facilities to assure uniform service levels and superior medication care without losing focus on the individual patient and facility needs.





We offer a higher level of service by




Delivering the personable, consistent service found with independent pharmacies.



Applying medication management usually available with larger clinical pharmacy practices.






Technology is the key


We believe that technology is the key to improving the quality of care for your patients by safely guiding the nursing staff in the most cost effective way. Our management team has developed innovative software that allows safer drug management, care planning, MDS, monitoring report tools and administrative tools to facilitate transition to electronic medical records and communication within the care disciplines.





Decades of Experience


The PharmcareUSA management team has more than 75 years of combined experience in the Long Term Care Industry. Additionally, we employ over 500 employees in the varied pharmacies and clinical services, including over 75 clinical pharmacists, dedicated to LTC patient care.