A few months ago, I stumbled into a new pharmacist certification called the Board Certified Medication Therapy Management Specialist (BCMTMS). This certification is in its infancy, and if you wanted to get in on the ground level, this is certainly an opportunity to do that.
Their first credentialing exam was administered in 2018 and they have already had significant interest with over 200 applications. I wanted to outline some information on the BCMTMS exam.


Many of the board certification exams are quite lengthy, and this one is no exception. You are allotted fours hours for 200 questions. I’ve helped others prepare for certification exams (BCPS, BCACP, BCGP, and NAPLEX), and this is moving along at a pretty good clip. 4 hours is 240 minutes. You need to set a pace of approximately 1 question per minute. They do have a short (FREE) practice exam that you should absolutely take advantage of.


What do I like about the content outline? Their content outline indicates that 70% of the exam covers pharmacotherapy type questions. (see below) One of my greatest frustrations with the BCPS, BCGP, and BCACP content outlines is that there is such a large proportion of regulatory and non-clinical type questions.

“I. Defining Medication Therapy Management and Translating Medication Therapy Management into Practice (10%)
II. Mediation Therapy Management Pharmacotherapy (70%)
III. Patient Care Advocacy in Medication Therapy Management (10%)
IV. MTM Documentation and Billing (10%)” – BCMTMS content outline from nbmtm.org

If we compare that content outline to its closest cousin from BPS, the BCACP exam, it only covers pharmacotherapy as 37% of its exam.


I always get asked these questions like “How hard is the exam?” They are tough to answer because the answer does depend upon your background and clinical experience. With that said, I have first-hand familiarity with BCPS and BCGP. I also have a lot of colleagues who have taken the BCACP exam and have done a lot of work personally reviewing the content outline and creating content for this exam. With that stated, I would guess that the BCMTMS exam would be slightly easier than the BCACP exam.


There is a relatively small sample size with the new certification, but I suspect an 84.5% pass rate for the BCMTMS exam will not continue, but I could be wrong. The pass rate does indeed indicate that this certification exam may be somewhat easier than the BCACP exam. If you remember, historical pass rates for the BCACP exam lie in the 60-70% range. If you excel at pharmacotherapy, you absolutely should have an easier time passing.


As with other board certifications, they do not promote or endorse any study materials. They do have a list of potential references to review which you can find here. I am honored that my book, “The Thrill of the Case” received a mention and remember that I do have an Audible version of “The Thrill of the Case”. If you have never tried Audible before, you can get your first book for free by following this link.

As far as a comprehensive package for preparing for this exam, our BCACP All Access Pass material covers all of the topics in the BCMTMS content outline. There is one notable exception when I compared our study material to the content outline. URAC standards are noted on the BCMTMS outline and because of this, I would do a little outside review on that if you are using our BCACP content.

Here’s the link to their NBMTM website if you are looking for more information about this certification.

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