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Our Pharmacy Services

Our Services

At PharmcareUSA, we specialize in delivering tailored pharmacy services, technology solutions, consulting, and educational programs designed to meet the unique needs of long-term care, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities. Our dedication to enhancing resident care, supporting healthcare professionals, and providing advanced technology solutions stands at the forefront of our mission.

What we Offer

Pharmacy Services

Customized medication management solutions ensuring timely and accurate delivery. Our team of pharmacy professionals works closely with healthcare providers for seamless medication administration.

Technology Services

Introducing LinkRx™, our cutting-edge pharmacy management system offering real-time insights and operational excellence to redefine pharmacy management in long-term care settings.

Consulting Services

Expert consulting tailored to enhance medication management processes, ensuring optimal patient care and
regulatory compliance.

Educational Services

PharmcareUSA offers educational events and training programs on critical care topics, including IV certification, specialized care training, and management of chronic conditions, supporting professional development and excellence in patient care.

Why Choose PharmcareUSA?


A dedicated team of licensed pharmacists, certified technicians, and healthcare professionals.


Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each facility and resident.


Advanced solutions like LinkRx™ streamline operations and enhance care.


Comprehensive educational programs and consulting services to elevate care standards.


24/7 support and emergency services for peace of mind.

Join Us in Advancing Healthcare

Discover the difference PharmcareUSA can make in your facility. Let us be your partner in delivering quality care, improving outcomes, and maintaining the health and happiness of your residents.

Our Testimonials

I made a decision some years back to switch to PharmcareUSA. At the time,oprating 34 facilities, we decided to do a roll into the new pharmacy. However, my previous provider, on Christmas Eve, notified us that they would no longer fill any of the orders, and they were done. In a panic, I notified PharmcareUSA of the dilemma and they said don't worry about it, we will cover and take care of it. I must say, I was worried, but they did everything they said would do. They picked up all the buildings and not a single patient went without medication.

We now have over 100 facilities that continue to be served by PharmcareUSA, as expected there are occasional initial conversion challenges, but I find that PharmcareUSA is always responsive to my team and consistently resolve any issues that may arise expediently, Whether it is billing concerns, which rarely occurs, or other service-related issues. I am happy to recommend PharmcareUSA. In fact, I wouldn't consider another pharmacy provider as PharmcareUSA is a reliable, steady and commited pharmacy provider that you can count on. They are very low-key, but hard working and just get the job done every time, I never have to worry.

Gary Blake, OwnerCreative Solutions

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to highly recommend PharmcareUSA. I have had the pleasure of receiving both their pharmacy and consulting services for the last three years. Their staff consistently demonstrate a commitment to excellence, professionalism, and
integrity in all aspects of their work. They exhibit a profound understanding of the long-term care industry, and their expertise is reflected in the high-quality outcomes they consistently deliver. One aspect that particularly impresses me about PharmcareUSA is their ability to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of our industry. Their dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations is truly commendable.

They are proactive in addressing any challenges that arise, and their solutions-oriented approach ensures that our residents are always taken care of. Based on my experiences working with PharmcareUSA, | am confident in their ability to add value and provide positive outcomes that will contribute to the success of your organization.

Nicole Schuh, RNDirector of clinical Risk Management

To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of partnering with PharmcareUSA for over 6 years now and would like to highly recommend them for pharmacy services, along with consulting services .Both of their locations in Colorado consistently and efficiently service our 7 rural facilities along southern Colorado. Multiple of these facilities being over 4 hours from their servicing pharmacy. Their staff have great knowledge of the long-term care industry, and the challenges our facilities face day to day, especially with being further away.

They are very adaptable to meet our needs as facilities but also dive deeper into our individual residents’ needs. It impresses me, their dedication to meeting and exceeding client and resident expectations and finding “out of the
box" resolutions. Our residents are always taken care of, and our staff feels comfortable working hand in hand with pharmacy staff to fix any issues that arise inevitably in long-term care. Based on my experiences working with PharmeareUSA, I am confident in their ability to successfully meet the needs and excel in servicing long-term care facilities, whether local and easily accessible or rural and less easily accessible.
As a company, we plan to continue to partner with PharmcareUSA as we grow.

Donna HauserChief Operating Officer at Centennial Healthcare cenreyyiat

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