Efficient. Reliable. Informative.

The LinkRx™ vertical information pharmacy management software is your online facility “link” to successful pharmacy management. Gone are the days of paper-based orders, refill sheets, and calling your dispensing pharmacy to track the status of an order. Now, through our secure and HIPAA compliant pharmacy management system, facilities have real time access to clinical and financial data that streamlines efficiency and maximizes operational effectiveness.

Whether you are interested in order placement, supply chain tracking, facility drug costs, or payor formulary adherence, LinkRx is your tool for immediate dispensing pharmacy service and analytics.

Enhancing Clinical Outcomes Through Technology.

LinkRx is a cutting-edge pharmacy management software that is designed to streamline the operations of pharmacies. This powerful software provides pharmacists with the tools they need to manage their workflow efficiently and accurately.

With LinkRx, pharmacists can easily manage patient data, prescription orders, inventory, and financials all in one place. The software’s user-friendly interface allows pharmacists to navigate the system with ease, ensuring that they can quickly access the information they need.

LinkRx also includes robust reporting and analytics features, giving pharmacists insights into their business’s performance. The software provides real-time data on sales, inventory levels, and more, allowing pharmacists to make informed decisions about their operations.

In addition, LinkRx is fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, ensuring that pharmacists can operate their business with confidence. The software is also customizable, allowing pharmacists to tailor it to their unique needs.

Whether you are running a small independent pharmacy or a large chain, LinkRx is the pharmacy management software you need to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. Try LinkRx today and experience the benefits of this powerful software for yourself.

LinkRx provides immediate access to all components of medication management including:

New Order Entry
Resident Admissions
Refill Requests – barcode, bulk, or resident
Supply Chain Status
Comprehensive Resident Medication Profiles
Pharmacy Medication Check-In
Virtual Inventory Quantities
Formulary Adherence
Pre-Admisssion Quotes
Return Requests
Online Invoicing
Insurance Changes
Drug Change Authorizations
Automated Email/Text Alerts
Pending Orders
Drug Spend Reports
Physician Utilization Reports
Non-Formulary Financial Impacts
Room Maintenance